Barron Land does Site Plans

It’s construction season again. Whether you are planning on building your dream home or adding on a deck to your existing home, chances are, you are going to be required to provide a Site Plan to you local municipality in order to pull a building permit. A Site Plan typically shows any existing improvements along with the proposed improvements, in relation to your parcel.  Barron Land understands the details that are required for a Site Plan in order to obtain your building permit.  Please feel free to contact Barron Land today for any questions or comments you may have regarding Site Plans.

Please visit your local building department for a complete list of details.

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department:

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Colorado Land Surveying Services

About Barron Land, LLC

Barron Land, LLC is a multi-faceted company providing professional land surveying services to a variety of different clients and markets within the industry. Barron Land strives to provide excellent customer service in a cost effective and timely manner and understands each particular client’s goals and needs for their specific project/s.

As a small firm, we have the same capabilities and technology that the larger firms offer with one advantage; our clients receive personalized service to meet their specific needs. We accomplish this by using advanced technology and state of the art equipment, a strong professional network, and an experienced team ensures that our clients get big firm quality with the attention and service of a small, independent firm.

Our Expertise

Barron Land serves a variety of different markets, including alternative energy (solar and wind farms), commercial/residential real estate transactions, local municipalities, land development, telecommunications, transportation, and engineering support.

Barron Land is willing to work with any and all clients, regardless of their particular limitations.

Barron Land aggressively seeks what is needed within the market, not relying on one single facet of the surveying industry, constantly adjusting and adapting to the market as it changes and evolves.

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